Blue Skies


Up here in bucolic Castle Rock, we had 2 consecutive non-rainy days. So I cut the grass. Made me feel like I live in the ‘burbs again. I actually like taking care of a lawn. Even with all of the hoop-la about climate change/global warming the rabbits on our hill and the squirrels and all the birds seem to think it’s Spring. The cherry and apple trees and tulips agree.

We have neighbors who have turkeys and ducks. Other neighbors have chickens. Maybe I could build an aviary and we could have squab. Tasty little critters. There’s also doves and American robins the size of barnyard fowl here. I bet they’d taste pretty good too. I bring this up because the price of gasoline is causing my food budget to shrink.

Commercials on TV are always louder than the programming. I have a TV that compensates, but it’s still overwhelming. I was just wondering if the advertisers know that I have a “mute” button. I also wonder if advertisers (and the programming staff of the TV stations) understand that tailoring ads for the gangster lifestyle and in non-English language just makes me change the station.

I’m actually grateful that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Now the news programs have a new crises to replace the Covid nonsense—Gotta have a crisis, ya’ know. I’m just being a piss-ant about the Ukraine war, but you get the point. If you don’t, I contend that Vladimir Putin is a really bad guy and should be dealt with harshly when this thing runs it’s course.


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