You Need Me

This morning I watched about 15 minutes of the Today show on NBC—why I do this to myself is anybody’s guess, but, what with Katie Kourac gone, it seemed harmless enough.  What I failed to remember is that Matt Lauer isn’t gone yet.  His lead story was about a video that has surfaced that seems to show some of our Marines urinating on the dead bodies of some of the Afghanistan enemy.  “Seems” might be a little light here—we know what’s going on.

So, the esteemed Mr. Lauer’s comments are, more or less, as follows:  Shocking video, Shocking, I say (with all gravity)—Heads will roll—etceteras.  OK, that’s all of it that I saw.  Matt—you lead a sheltered life, don’t you.

Until you’ve actually worn a uniform and been a gunfight on behalf of people who hate the very thought of your existence, you haven’t earned the right to comment.  Can’t actually say Where In The World Matt Lauer is, but with some certainty, I can say that wherever he is, he’s suffering from a permanent rectal-cranial inversion.

In other words, in movie talk (something you might actually understand), "You want me on that wall—You NEED me on that wall."

Can’t quite wait for your retirement.  


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