Kingdom of the Spiders

I used to like the Independent Film Channel.  That was back when they used to show independent films without commercial interruption.  You know.  Movies.  Pretty cool idea.

Then they started showing commercials.  And old TV in “mini-marathon” style.  It started with that crap-fest called Arrested Development.  That would be a lowlight.  They also have Malcolm in the Middle, which, for this channel the way it’s currently constituted, would be a highlight.

Now it seems that they’ve ventured into original programming in sort of a narrow-casting mode.  I’m not certain whom they consider their target audience for this junk is, but it’s not me.  They have frequent commercial breaks touting two programs called “Portlandia” and “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret”.

Just based on the ads for these programs, I’ll skip them.  Looks to be along the lines of The Kids in the Hall, which was also a geek-fest of monstrous proportions. 

So, good luck on your adventure, IFC.  I’ll continue to tune in for some of the movies, even with commercial interruption—recently you had a film from 1977 starring William Shatner called “Kingdom of the Spiders” which was fun.  Captain Kirk as a rural veterinarian.  Hard to get better than that.


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