Liquor and Tobacco

My Bride was sick for a short period of time, and, as a result, was at home watching what passes for television entertainment during the daytime hours.  No, no, she’s fine now, thank you all the same.  It was just a little cold that knocked the stuffing out of her for a bit.

She’s not quite the TV addict that I am, so she was overwhelmed by the pervasive, aggressive, ubiquitous marketing of prescription medicine, medical appliances, over the counter medicine, and a spate of ambulance chasers at the ready to sue if things don’t go quite right.  Insurance companies seem to have plenty of money to advertise too.  Odd.  Since they’re on our side and all.

I’m not altogether certain that we’re better off now than back in the days when big tobacco, big liquor, and Detroit paid the freight and ran the commercials.

My advice?  Glad you asked:
-Make it illegal for lawyers to advertise
-Make it illegal to advertise prescription-only medicines
-Require insurance ads to begin with at least 30 seconds of their net worth and the average income of their agents
-Technical schools will be mandated to offer employment rates and starting salaries of their graduates as a major part of their ads

It’s unlikely that tobacco and liquor will re-take the helm here.  I’m sort of vice-free these days; having quit tobacco and liquor altogether years ago, but maybe some NEW vice can take over.  I’m thinking legal marijuana or maybe high capacity firearms here.  Anything would be preferable to the lawsuit-ready mouthpieces and catheter ads.  Anything.


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