The Off Season

Being a fan of the San Francisco Giants is a bit of a struggle at times.  We (that would be “the fans”) are still in sort of an afterglow of the recent World Series title.  We still think that the Giants can win another one.  At least I think that way.

I actually live closer to Cleveland than San Francisco, so I also root for the home boys in Cleveland every year—in hopes of a re-match between Cleveland and Ess Eff in the Fall Classic. 

But San Francisco is my team.  This off-season has been interesting.  The Gigantes have managed to sign many of the core players needed to score a handful of runs on some days to assist the stellar pitching that the G’s have amassed.  Problem is as follows:  the Giants don’t have the payroll ability to hold onto the pitching staff.  Period.  I see no way they can keep both Matt Cain (the other white Matt) and Tim Lincecum.  So, they offered Lincecum a five year 100 million dollar contract, and he declined. 

Yes—he declined to bite on 20 million a year for 5 years.  Really.  That says to me that he doesn’t want to play for the Giants.  And, frankly, that’s OK by me.  He can take his skater-boy punk act somewhere else for all I care, but he does belong to the Giants THIS year, Bucky, so here’s my suggestion:  Pitch that little boy every third day all year.  Wear him out.  Let him go to free agency as a has-been on the DL.

And that’s the way I see it.


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