Tortured Language

Don't get me wrong here--I'm all for English being a "living language" and all that happy horse-stuff, but.....

Here's the deal--I belong to a number of organizations, one of which is the Fraternal Order of Police.  A perfectly fine group if ever there was one, but they have seized upon a new term that attempts to describe an Interned based seminar (Police training groups have always been in love with the idea of a "seminar" as a way of describing a training class).

So I get regular e-mails from the aforementioned Fraternal Order of Police inviting me to attend a--and believe me, I can barely get this out--"webinar".  A webinar.  If that ain't a tortured piece of language there never was one.

If they had checked with me first, I would have suggested "e-training", or "Internet Classroom", or just about anything that didn't add up to "webinar".

It's embarrassing.


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