The Weather Channel, Felix Baumgartner, and Maury Povich

Felix Baumgartner is a daredevil sort. Or so I have been told. He most recently made news by jumping out of a balloon that was 24 miles up in the air, parachuting to Earth from that lofty height. All on behalf of Red Bull.

Be still my beating heart.

Felix was born in 1969 in Austria. And, while it's true that at that time I was a Sergeant in the Military Police in West Germany, I deny paternity. If allegations are made, I'll demand the well-known Maury Povich DNA test which will clear my name, once and for all.

I found out about Felix and his dare-devilshness by watching, of all things, The Weather Channel this morning. Seems that the Today show had interviewed Felix regarding his exploits, and The Weather Channel (TWC) re-played that interview in full. What it had to do with the weather is beyond me.

In addition, TWC reported that on tomorrow's morning show, Al Roker will personally interview Felix for TWC.

Someone..........Anyone..........Please tell me what this has to do with the weather.


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