Sour Grapes, St. Louis Style

So, being a fan of the San Francisco Giants, I turned on the MLB network this morning to see a little bit about the Giants winning the National League Pennant and going on to the World Series. Instead, here's what I saw and heard:

Injured first baseman Lance Berkman of the St. Louis Cardinals crying that a broken bat single (by Hunter Pence of the Giants), that, incidentally, drove in 3 runs, should have been called a dead ball. And then having the normally reasonable Harold Reynolds of the show agreeing.

I get it that San Francisco isn't very close to New York, and that according to the MLB network New York is the center of the known universe. I GET IT.

So, here's my suggested solution: Take away the three runs that Pence drove in. That will leave the Giants with a paltry 6 runs. Then they will have won the deciding 7th game of the League Championship Series over the Cardinals by 6 to nothing instead of 9 to nothing.

Wait.....did he say “NOTHING”??

Let it go. This has the unmistakable squish of sour grapes, Lance.


Berkman should just quietly go home. And watch the World Series on Tee-Vee.


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