Buster Posey

The San Francisco Giants (my team, in case you were wondering) are still in it. They play at home tonight against the Cards, a worthwhile opponent. The Giants are hanging on by their fingernails, needing two consecutive victories to advance to the World Series.

I have to work tonight, so I'll try to not find out the outcome, and watch the game on MLB.TV when I get home. It's an amazing age we live in—I can watch the game as if it were live, complete with commercial breaks—after the fact. An amazing age, I tell you.

So, what with Buster Posey winning the batting title, and being named the National League Comeback Player of the Year, I started wondering whatever became of Scott Cousins..........You remember him, Dontcha? Cheap shot last year at home plate that cost Posey (and, by extension, the Giants) their year. It's been pretty well documented by baseball pundits that the collision was within the rules, but not necessary. That's cute. Legal but unnecessary. I have a hard time getting my police officer brain wrapped around that concept.

Scott Cousins then—he was with the Marlins off and on this year and hit a buck sixty-something, and almost 300 in the minors. The Marlins love this guy so much they put him on waivers......essentially giving him away to anyone who might want him. The Toronto Blue Jays picked him up. So, Cousins goes from a team that finished 29 games out to one that finished 22 games out. Karma's a bitch, Scotty.

Which, of course, made my think about the take out slide that Matt Holliday did to Marco Scutaro (the Giants second baseman) in this years playoffs—completely illegal, designed to injure, etcetras. Holliday's not known as a dirty player, but the way the slide happened, and the injury it caused Scutaro..........Look—marginal plays and injuries happen all the time, but if Major League Baseball wants the obviously illegal plays to end, then I have a plan.

Since you asked, here it is: Adopt the hockey way. If you screw the pooch in hockey, you get benched for a period of time, and your team has to play short-handed. Adapted to baseball, Holliday should have been benched for three innings and the team has to play short handed for those innings.

Don't mention it. You got any other problems that need fixing, just let me know.


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