Local News

Here in my little corner of the Rust Belt, we have local news.  OK, everybody has local news, and I'm certain to some degree that it always gets a little, um, predictable.  One of our repetitive news stories is the "We're taking back our streets from the gangsters" line.

Of course, what brings this up for me again is that it was on the news this morning.  Seems the good citizens of Warren are going to "come together" (I really LOVE that term), form up some vigilante posses--Sorry, I mean Neighborhood Watch groups, and....Well, they had a meeting that was attended by all the usual groups, including the churches and schools.  A representative of the police was there.  I suppose there will be further speeches, maybe a sing-along, and a parade.  Dandy.

If you'll bear with me briefly, I know haw to fix the problem--whether it happens to be Warren, Youngstown, or any other town.  It's simple.  Here's it is:

Catch and incarcerate the criminals.  Let the police do their duty without interference.

That's it.  There are no problems here that we cannot incarcerate our way out of.


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