Fair Value

I see that Matt Cain has yet to sign an extension with the Giants.  He says, through his agents, that he wants "Fair Value".  I'm not certain at all how many millions for how many decades that means.  "Fair Value".  Really?

I spent over 30 years of my life as a law enforcement officer, protecting, among others, your sorry ass, Matt.  "Fair Value".

My pension is so measly that even at my ripe old age, I work full time to make ends meet.  "Fair Value".

I still watch games every possible way, and since I'm what MLB considers an "out of market" fan, I have to annually purchase a subscription so that I can watch the games on MLB.TV.  That subscription costs $120.00 a year.  Sometimes that's hard for me to cough up, but I manage.  "Fair Value".

Next time you use the term "Fair Value", consider what some of the folks who pay your wages have done with their lives.

"Fair Value".


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