Good Guys

I was disappointed when "The Good Guys" was canceled after one season in 2010 by Fox.  'Course, Fox has done in some other dandy programs that left me wanting more, like Brimstone, John Doe, and two X-Files spin offs: Millennium and The Lone Gunmen.  By the same token, Fox finally (after 50-some episodes) canceled that crap-fest Arrested Development, so at least they sometimes get it right.  But, I'm writing today about The Good Guys.

TGG ran for a single season, and I loved every minute--Dan was a left-over 80's detective in Dallas, and I identify with him--his wardrobe could have come out of my closet.  Jack is his young upwardly-mobile partner.  Good Guys in every possible way.  The writers peppered the sound-track with appropriate old rock and roll.  It was magnificent.

In the pilot, here's what really turned me on--During the final car chase and shoot-out, our heroes are driving a Firebird with T-Tops chasing a bad guy and a hostage, while two assassins are having a standoff in another location--the background music was AC DC's Thunderstruck.  Perfect.  When the Good Guys have won, and the hostage is saved, Dan gets the girl, and that's just the way it ought to be.

The rest of the first season was similarly exciting and appropriate, and in the final episode the background music, once again appropriate, is AC DC--the final selection being For Those About To Rock, We Salute You.

I liked it enough to get onto my Amazon account and purchase the entire run.  This is the best that television will ever be. It will never again be quite this good.  Ever.

At least until the next Great Thing comes along.


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