I have a pierced ear—on the left lobe, thank you very much.  Not really that big a deal, and it’s been that way for about 20 years.  But I haven’t worn anything in it for, well, probably 5 years. 

As a result, no one at my current place of employment knows that I have said piercing. 

So I tripped across my earring box a couple of days ago and put in an earring.  One of my co-workers noticed, and said something.  What she said was “mid-life crisis?”

And all I could say was, “Yep—about 20 years ago.”

I wonder if actually wearing an earring now would qualify as a late life crisis.  I just don’t feel very much in crisis.  Don’t feel late life either.

Maybe I should just go get some de-caf and egg-beaters and think about it.


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