How To Watch Television, Chapter 2

The television has a built-in tuner.  I had not anticipated that my Bride would actually change the channels on the television.  But, of course, she did.

I get home from work last night and sit down.  The television is not on, despite a text message I had received from her earlier that pronounced victory in television watching--she had accessed the Internet content and Netflix.  Hymns of praise were sung.  Orations were delivered.  Victory was at hand.

When I got home from work, though, she hands me the remote controls and says....."I want to watch TV".

"Oh" says I.

She had inadvertently changed the channel on the television (as opposed to the Cable Box, the Explorer 3100).  When that channel is changed away from 3, the content from the Explorer 3100 (or the Toshiba CD/DVD/VHS player, for that matter) simply will not display.  The Sony Streaming Player doesn't mind if the TV is on channel 3, channel Q, or channel will still play.  But the cable box REALLY wants the television to be on channel 3.

I'm really trying here.  I know within reason that my Bride is too.

I'm pretty sure that this story is not yet finished.


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