What I Think Today

I like the X-Files, the Jesse Stone novels by Robert Parker, the Beach Boys, and Kevin Costner movies.  I am at least somewhat bothered by dirty nails, people who took EST training seriously and the very existence of sushi as a food source.

I believe that the only true Captain of the Enterprise is James T. Kirk, and I know what the "T" stands for.  None of that makes me a trekkie, but I can be a little geeky with computers from time to time.

I believe that America will endure, in accepting life as it presents itself, and that good things don't necessarily
happen to good people, nor bad to bad.

I think that the worst programming decision ever made by FOX was the cancellation of Brimstone after only 13  episodes.  And the best was renewing the X-Files for as long as they did.  


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