Screen Savers

My understanding is that current monitor technology has eliminated the need for screensavers.  Oh, hogwash--they're WAY too much fun to completely eliminate.  Windows ships with some cool ones, but the best are the oldies.  Johnny Castaway.  After Dark.
Those goodies above have some issues running under modern versions of Windows, like W2K, ME, and XP.  What will and won't work varies based on your OS and which saver you're trying to get to work.  I just wish that my two old favorites (After Dark and Johnny Castaway) were updated.  I'd buy new copies.  I have a wireless network at home and keep a Windows 98 machine in the mix so I can use After Dark on it.  It just doesn't seem to work on later versions of Windows.  The network includes computers running XP, W2K, Win98, Mac OSX, and a nice little sampling of Linux distributions.  I continue to use Microsoft products because they work.  I like Linux, too.  My wife likes Mac. 
Don’t even start with my about the iPad.  Or, for that matter, the iPhone.


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