Driver Training

I’ve started training to be a driving instructor.  I’ll be a “behind the wheel” guy.  In other words, I’ll be the passenger in the car while I try to teach a 15 and a half year olds how to drive and not get killed in the process.

I’ve already done about 40 hours of unpaid training, and still have to take a written examination (for which I’m cramming for the next two days), and then a behind the wheel examination at the state police office.  With any luck whatsoever, I’ll pass them both.  Provided I can still parallel park.

I’ve noticed some interesting differences in California driving, where I knew all the rules well, and here in Ohio, where the rules are somewhat different—But I’m getting adjusted.

In California, one could depend on limit lines at intersections and relatively flat roads.  Not so here—Limit lines are hit and miss (pardon the terminology—I’m not really trying to teach or learn the “hitting” part), and there are potholes that would qualify as sink holes in L.A.

Occasionally, you’ll get to an intersection that has normal traffic lights, and also stop signs.  I’ve learned that the light trumps the sign.  But that‘s something I’m pretty certain that I never encountered before I moved the Youngstown, Ohio.

There’s lots of other small differences too.  I’ve never driven in any area where there were so many tailgaters.  It’s like it’s a hobby here.  Same with rounding off corners when turning.  It’s the second hobby of those who tailgate.

So I’ll be teaching the mothers, fathers, leaders, and inmates of tomorrow how to drive.

It’ll be fun.  I swear.


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