Baby Boomer

Being a member of the Baby Boom generation has been written about to exhaustion, but I’ll write about it on occasion too.  I’m sure that it makes an interesting study, but for me it was just my life.

The biggest single issue that cropped up for me was that no one was ever prepared for our massive numbers—it started when we showed up for kindergarten.  What had once been a slow moving, eddy-filled elementary school, suddenly became The Spot for Everything.  Double sessions for Kindergarten—Something unheard of before 1954 in little ol’ Windsor, California.  Apparently, our collection of parents sneakily produced a whole bunch of kids, and then hid them out until they were ready for school.  It’s the only possible explanation.

The classrooms I grew up in had 40 students or so.  I’m not altogether certain, but I think we managed to learn enough to survive even under those brutal conditions—don’t know quite how, but we also seemed to have survived even though our parents SMOKED CIGARETTES!!  Even in the car with the windows rolled up and NO SEAT BELTS!!

Holy crap, pass the Anacin.  No seat belts in the car, and parents who thoughtlessly smoked cigarettes in our presence.  But I digress.

This business of our numbers always being a surprise goes on to this very day.  Seems no one expected as many of us to live to retirement age as did—Probably because we all quit smoking and are now living longer than expected.  So we’ve now snuck up on the Social Security Scam—oops—I mean system.  ‘Course, that Ponzi scheme never could possibly have worked.  Ask any old fraud investigator (like me).

On another day, I’ll think about (then most likely write about) how we snuck up on the high school and still managed to have fun.


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