Money, Money, Money

So we're going to change the look of the twenty dollar bill. Fine. I don't really care. But the U.S. currency system has been one of my peeves for quite some time. Ever since the runaway inflation of the Carter administration, really.

So, here it is. There's no longer a need for some of our U.S. Currency and Coin, except as it relates to collectors. Like the Half Cent of years gone by. At some point, it became obsolete, and, like an old soldier, just faded away.

Let's be smart and do away with the following:
-One Dollar Bills
-Five Dollar Bills
-Twenty Dollar Bills

Here's what you cash drawer will have in it:
-One Dollar Coins
-Two Dollar Bills
-Ten Dollar Bills
-Fifty Dollar Bills
-Hundred Dollar Bills

This makes all sorts of sense, therefore, the federal government will NEVER do something of this sort. Look, nobody actually uses much cash anymore anyhow, and even the local ATM spits out more Fifties than Twenties already.

Just so there's no misunderstanding here, put whoever's picture you want on the money. Really. Pick some people of color and some gender-benders. Honestly, I just don't give a hoot.

As always……….You're Welcome


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