A Stand-Up Guy

Tony Gwynn was a great guy, a REALLY great baseball player, and a gift generally to San Diego and baseball.  He never made excuses, and always carried his own water.

Now I read that his family has lawyered up and is suing the tobacco industry for wrongful death due to Tony’s addiction to snuff. 

I simply cannot believe that Tony Gwynn would be OK with his widow and children suing someone over his choices.  I just don’t believe it. 

I just don’t believe it.

If Tony had blamed the tobacco industry and wanted to sue them, he would have sued them himself.  It’s just the sort of guy he was.  A Stand-Up guy.

In other, totally unrelated baseball thoughts, I was wondering……….Well, I’m an “out-of-market” baseball guy, therefore I watch baseball on my High Definition 48” TCL ROKU TV (I’m not shouting here, it’s just that all that stuff is just initials except for ROKU, which I thought ought to be in all caps because it’s so cool)……….Anyhow, I see baseball by way of my subscription to MLB.TV, and I’m subject to their whim and folly……….Here’s my question of the day for MLB.TV:  Why doesn’t MLB.TV present the National Anthem prior to the start of the game?  It’s important to a Red, White, and Blue guy like me. And besides, baseball seems to wrap itself in patriotism whenever the mood strikes, what with God Bless America being sung regularly and all. 

I’m just sayin’.


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