Protect Your Kids

I’ve been reading, like most of the rest of us, about the repetitive tragedies of children being injured at MLB parks by foul balls. And the eternal subsequent hand-wringing about how to properly protect everyone from possible injury.

Oh, My.

1-Protect your children. Not just at ballparks.
2-Teach those kids to pay attention when they are in a possibly dangerous place. Not JUST MLB parks.
3-If you can’t manage that, sit in the bleachers where it’s safer, or…..
4-Watch the game on TV.

This isn’t a baseball problem, it's a lack of parental supervision.

Here’s another solution:

Quit having games at the existing ballparks. MLB has plenty of cash, so they could buy up a shit-load of South Dakota property (or Nebraska—you get the idea, I’m sure), build a dozen or so ball fields where all MLB games would be played, then video-streamed to the big screen TVs that already exist at the ball parks.

Easy-Peasy. You could have picnics on what was once the infield. Kids are safe. Parents are absolved of responsibility.

Except for those NAMBLA perverts who might be there too. Gotta watch out for those guys.

Hand-Wringing continues……….


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