Thoughts and Beliefs

What do I think?  Well, I think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  I think that we should buy American.  I think that Mount St. Helens is gonna blow again.  I think the curveball in a full count is cowardly.  I think the price of bottled water is outrageous.  I think the full moon really does bring out the weirdness in people.

I believe in America and I’m proud to call myself an American.  I believe in a woman's right to choose. I believe that Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. I believe Bill O'Reilly usually gets it right. I believe in accepting life as it presents itself. I believe that good things don't necessarily happen to good people nor bad things to bad......

I’m pretty sure that we were better off without Instagram and Twitter.  I prefer the concept of Joe Camel in public places over legal marijuana.  I’m absolutely certain that we need to bring back the military draft.  I liked the country better when we had a President who thought America was a force for good in the world and the bad guys lived under the hammer and sickle.

Do cell phone videos enhance our lives?  Or television advertising for prescription medicines?

Even considering Disco, I’ll take the 70s any day.


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