St. John's Episcopal

Here’s the deal.....I’m an usher at the church I attend.  That would be St. John's Episcopal in Youngstown Ohio.  I belong to the men’s group.  My bride can be counted on to assist every time she is asked.  I don’t always agree with Episcopal dogma, but the people seem pretty nice, and the church itself is magnificent.

Last Sunday at the 8AM service, a man burst into the service--he was running from Youngstown police officers, who were pursuing him due to him having just burglarized another church.  At least that’s what it seems like based on the account in local media. When he burst in, he asked for sanctuary.  And our pastor, Bradley Pace, agreed.  It’s a little hazy as to whether the police officers were allowed to enter the church or not, but after the service, the thief was arrested.  Oh, yes, he resisted.  Oh, yes, his resistance was overcome.

Why the police failed to arrest the pastor for interfering with police officers I cannot say.  I certainly would have.

The pastor has since made some self-serving statements about having defused the “situation”, and other happy talk.


I’m done with this church and that arrogant SOB Bradley Pace.

How dare he.


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