Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix:

In the beginning, TV Land was a good idea too.  You know, old programs from the “Golden Age” of television--programs like The Honeymooners, and classic TV commercials.  Aimed, I suppose, at me and mine--aging baby boomers.  TV Land is now just another junk cable station with infomercials and endless re-runs of not quite classic TV programs.  Idiocy like Extreme Makover, Roseanne, and as an added bonus, real crapfests like High School Reunion and She’s Got The Look.  

I get it.  The target audience is no longer me, but rather Generation X, or something like that.  MTV owns TV Land, and they completely MTV’d it.  (As a side note, I usually spell out "Empty Vee" when I refer to that TV channel).

The crux of this open letter is this:  I see that Netflix is now offering an original program called Lilyhammer, set in Norway with a gangster theme--sounds sort of like a Sopranos spin-off.  

Fine.  I also understand that you’re going to offer a new season of, and I can barely spit this one out,  Arrested Development (available only on Netflix--thank goodness).  

Don’t go too far with this, Netflix.  I understand business models and all that, but if you offer even one title of original programming that includes the word “Ghost”, I’ll be obligated to re-evaluate the nature of our relationship.



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