Citizens Band

Movie Notes From The Rust Belt
Youngstown, Ohio

I’ve mentioned that I have a Netflix subscription.  Amazing bunch of stuff there--I mean AMAZING.  I just watched a 1977 movie titled “Citizens Band”--also known as (according to “Handle With Care”.

As you might imagine, it has to do with the CB craze of the 70‘s.  Or not.  Held my interest all the way through, and I recommend it without reservation, even for the youngsters out there.  Wanna know what we did in the 70‘s?  What things looked like?  The sort of stuff that we thought was funny and important?  Then take a look.

Starred a bunch of faces that you’ll recognize, if not the names--Candy Clark and Paul LeMat, both alumni of 1973‘s “American Graffiti", Charles Napier and Ed Begley Jr., and it was Bruce McGill’s first movie.  Prostitution, trucking, sibling rivalry, bigamy, problems of the elderly, anonymous sex, and the biggest sin we can now imagine.....Indoor Cigarette Smoking.....It's all there.  'Course, it has a happy ending, and it's not at all dark.  This was the 70's after all.


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