Travel Light

I’m headed off on an adventure on the third of November.   But, I’m an adventuresome sort.  I’ll be headed to Colorado to visit my daughter Helen, her husband Geoff, and their four girls for a couple of weeks.

It’s the slow season at the driving school, and this time of year works out well.  I’ll be home for Thanksgiving, but I needed to vote absentee because I’ll be gone on Election Day.  And, here in Ohio, I needed to cast my vote for Issue 2.  As an elected member of the Mahoning County Central Republican Committee, I can do no less.  I’ll also be gone on Veteran’s Day, so I’ll watch war movies with my daughter.

I’m certain that I’ll have a grand time.

Why is it an adventure, you ask?  I don’t care much for flying.  Trains are too expensive.  So, I’ll take the Greyhound, and leave the driving to them.  I did this last year too.  On all of those Internet Bitch Boards, people hammer Greyhound bus service, but I thought it was fun—Except for the part where we were snowed in at Chicago for a couple of days, then also at Denver—No, actually, that was part of the adventure.  Got to know lots of interesting people, some of whom I wouldn’t mind seeing again sometime.

If you ever decide to take the bus on a long trip, remember this—when you transfer busses, you have to take care of your own luggage. 

So travel light.


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