My Old Ford

I bought a nearly new 1995 Ford Explorer in 1995.  It’s been the most reliable, dependable car I’ve ever owned.  Never gave me any cause to curse it.  Bought it at Hansel Ford in Santa Rosa, California.

All I ever did to it was have the oil changed regularly, and gas it up on occasion.  It’s got 180,000 miles on it and has taken me from the mountains to the desert, from California to Ohio, and so very many stops in between.

It’s been running a little rough of late, and the A/C is on the fritz, so I took it into a shop and found out (the details of the troubles are somewhat beyond me) that it’s finished.  It’ll cost at least $2000.00 to get it back into shape, and it’s just not worth that much.  Even with the new tires I had put on it last year.

I guess getting 16 good trouble-free years out of a car is more than you can really expect, but I was beginning to think it would out last me.  I don’t think I’ll ever get another car/truck/SUV/crossover/whatever that will be as dependable and reliable, but you just never know.  


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