If I owned the Colorado Rockies………………

If I owned that mile high franchise, the uniforms would have flying squirrels on the chest.

There would be “Where Is Moose?” day instead of free refrigerator magnet day.

Every time a home run was hit, the big TV screen would show Dudley Do-Right galloping across the screen backwards.

We’d have a grand time with Fractured Fairy Tale Night at the ballpark.

Everyone would come for a trip down memory lane in the Way Back Machine.

The team mascot would be accompanied on occasion by Boris and Natasha.  And Mister Big.

Relief pitchers would warm up in the Bullwinkle Pen.

Everyone would tune in next time for Game 38, or, “How We Blew a 9 Run Lead in the 7th Inning”.

Uniform numbers would always include a fraction. 

The umpire would always be called Snidely Whiplash.


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