No Wonder

I try to keep up.  So I read that Moonbeam Brown, the once and current Guv'ner of California, has been busy signing bills into law.  Always good for a comment or two.

Two of the bills that are now California law run something like this, and they were signed by Moonbeam on the same day:
1)  Children as young as 12 can now be prescribed certain STD medicines without parental consent, and,
2)  Children under the age of 18 are now prohibited from tanning in tanning beds.

Just so I have the concept straight, here's the apparent bottom line--If your 12 year old daughter is screwing everything that walks on two feet and shaves, it's none of your business, but if your 17 year old daughter wants to get tanned in a booth in preparation for the  Senior Prom, the State of California will step in, act as a protective parent, and prohibit it.

As Ricky said to Lucy....."You gots some 'splaining to do".

No wonder I fled California like a scalded cat.


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