Spot The Cat

Spot The Cat entered my life from the Sonoma County California Humane Society on January 12th, 1999. She was my buddy and my companion through every move I made.  She moved with me from house to house in Santa Rosa, California, and on to Bakersfield, California.  Later to Youngstown, Ohio.

For the past year or so, her eyesight has been failing and she had been getting frail.  She chose to live in the basement where I made a daily visit to clean her litter box, open a can of food for her, change her water dish, and give her a pat on the head and a scratch on the back.  She was always ever so polite, mewing a gentle greeting every morning.

This morning, there was no greeting, and the litter box was unused.  Her food dish was not touched.

I found her lifeless body in a corner of the basement, curled up, asleep for eternity.  She was a good cat.

I have other cats, but here will never be another Spot The Cat.

Spot The Cat


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