Food Stamp Fraud

I read that the federal government is mortified to find out that food stamp recipients are buying bottled water with their food stamp benefits, then pouring out the water and returning the empties for cash in those states where the empties are worth something.  The government plans to enact a new rule prohibiting the practice, then assign professional investigators to look into how to address this problem.

I get so tired of having to point out the obvious (actually, my step-son Cale has referred to me on occasion, as, ahem, Captain Obvious), but someone must take this proverbial bull by his horns. 

Why are food stamp recipients allowed to purchase BOTTLED WATER with their benefits?  This is money that comes out of my personal pocket.  I drink tap water because bottled water is a waste of money.  Welfare recipients can do the same. Problem solved.

You’re welcome.


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