Hotmail and MSN

I have a Hotmail account.  I've had it for a very long time--since before Microsoft amoeba'd Hotmail.  I don't use it for very much, but I stop by once in a while to empty my in-box and clean things up.  When I exit my Hotmail account, I am automatically taken to an MSN site with, oh, celebrity junk and other stuff.  A genuine crap-fest of idiocy that I usually pass on.  Today I took a look at a feature they had called "Did They Forgive", a total of 17 wrongs in need of righting, in honor of, and I can just barely spit this one out--International Forgiveness Day.  So I breezed through them, and here's the brief run-down:
-Number one was, of course, the ever newsworthy Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston thingie.
-There was one terrorist attack in need of forgiveness.
-One was a little girl who was bitten by a shark.

Then it gets interesting.....

-There were 4 instances of black people needing forgiveness from other blacks.
-5 on blacks in need of forgiveness from whites.
-A single report of a black gang of 8 who nearly murdered a white boy for his cell phone, but I had to dig deep to discover that the gang of 8 were black.
 -Two politicians are in need of forgiveness for their mis-deeds.  Mark Sanford and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both Republicans.

MSN apparently has an agenda, and it's overt.  That's OK by me I suppose.


  1. We read about the little girl and the shark in "The Week" magazine. After she was bitten, she said she hated sharks and liked dolphins a lot better. Then her parents explained that it wasn't personal, and she forgave the shark. Actually it's no more personal than me eating beef, right? No offense, cow!

  2. While it's so very true that I've bitten more than my fair share of cows, I've never taken one on before it was already dead. That just seems, um, sharky.....


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