The Penguin

A penguin is driving Southbound on CA99 in California from Tulare to Bakersfield.  It’s August.  It’s hot.  Penguins don’t like the heat.  Around Pixley, the air conditioner in the penguin’s car goes on the fritz.  He pulls into a garage by the side of the road.

The mechanic says “Sure, I’ll take a look.”

The penguin says “I’m a penguin and I don’t like the heat.  Is there somewhere I can beat the heat while you fix the A/C?”

Mechanic says “Sure.....there’s an ice cream parlor just up the street.”

The penguin goes to the ice cream parlor and waits for a call from the mechanic.  Soon, the mechanic calls and tells the penguin that his car is fixed.

When the penguin gets back to the garage, the mechanic looks at him and says “Looks like you blew a seal”.

The penguin shouts back “I swear to God, NO!! It’s just ice cream.”


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