Baseball Behavior

Since I was a little boy (that’s in the 1950s, children), I’ve spent a large percentage of my summer months following major league baseball--I’m  Giants guy.  The San Francisco Giants, that is.  A National League guy.  But it’s pretty close for me to be losing interest these days.

Why?  Bud Selig and his idiocy, mostly--you know.....Extra “wild card” teams...more more differences between the National and the American leagues.....ever expanding divisions.  It just goes on and on with this guy.  It dilutes the game.  Now, apparently, we have some sort of instant replay crap-ola that screws up the game further.  Umpires get into a huddle and decide if it hit the foul pole or not.  Or whatever.

But that’s been going on for quite a while now.  Shoot, I didn’t even approve of the concept of divisional play.  But the part that’s driving my around the bend here is that the on (and off) field behavior of the players is getting out of control.  Some of them seem to be turning towards NBA basketball behavior.

To Wit:  Sergio Romo, the closer for my beloved Giants.

In the off-season, this shit-head refused to identify himself to a TSA agent at the Las Vegas airport, insisting that the TSA agent should know who he was.  The result was that Romo was arrested--appropriately, I might add.  The case was ultimately dropped, because--Christ, I have no idea why.  Son-of-a-bitch was guilty.  He apologized and all, so I guess that makes it all right.

He’s now wearing a Pancho Villa beard, looks like the tattooed gangster he apparently is, and most recently, against the Dodgers, was flashing some sort of digital signage towards some of their players.

If the Giants could somehow part company with Romo and his ilk, I’d feel a lot better about baseball, and my Giants.

I’ll watch and wait, but not forever.


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