Smokin' in California

I watched a brief news story (on FoxNews, of course) about a newly proposed California law.  Interesting stuff.

The state democrats in Sacramento have been in control of California since the 50s.  At this point, they really can do whatever they want, whenever they want.  We also know that California democrats are, in general, anti-big business.....anti-business generally, but anti-big business to a large degree.  In general.  Usually.  Depends on the business, I guess.

The newly proposed law (I suppose it’ll pass without much discussion given the make up of the state legislature) prohibits the smoking of tobacco products in your home if you share a wall or a ventilation system with any other place.  So, if you live in an apartment or a condo, you can’t smoke tobacco in your own home.

It doesn't really bother me if they do this.  I left California many years ago, and quit smoking even longer ago.    But here’s the rub:  The only smoking that’s going to be prohibited is tobacco smoke.  You want to smoke crack cocaine or marijuana in your house?  That’s OK--So, utilizing the keen intuitive mind that was issued to me in the police academy, I can conclude that this has nothing whatsoever to do with some nebulous “health” issue, but rather the state legislature’s intent on doing what they can to continue the destruction of a legal business of which they disapprove (tobacco) in favor of an illegal one of which they approve (marijuana).  Makes sense for them, I suppose.  Mendocino County in particular would likely, um, go up in smoke, if marijuana was, um, cracked down upon.

All this from the same state that also prohibits used clothing drop-off boxes and managed to destroy the timber industry.

And people ask me why I left California.


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