I'm an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police—The FOP—and have been for decades. I've always been proud of who and what I am. Therefore, I have an FOP star on the back of my car. Since I have that identifying emblem on my car, I carefully follow traffic laws.

No, really. If it says 35 MPH, I go 35. I signal my lane changes. I follow at an appropriate distance. I do these things all the time. Part of it is my nature—I'm sorta rule oriented like that—and some of it is the fact that I do have that FOP star on the back of my car.  The rest of it is that I'm a driving instructor--I teach teen-agers how to drive.

When I go out of my way to identify myself as a Cop, I'm obligated to adhere strictly to good conduct ideals. Goes with the territory.

On Friday, 8-10-12, I was nearly hit by a black Escalade who was tailgating, speeding, and driving recklessly on Highway 224 in Boardman, Ohio, heading towards Poland near the intersection with South Avenue. When it passed me, the thing that caught my eye was the boldly placed (near his license plate) FOP star.

The FOP star isn't supposed to be a “Get Out Of Jail Free” thing, jerk. Get your head out of your ass and drive like you expect others to when you're working.

You're a disgrace.


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