An Infinite Number of Monkeys..........

I have a personalized Google page that opens when I open my web browser. It has stuff on it that I find intresting and informative. Usually.

One of the things I have is a “How To” of the day—by none other than Of course. Once in a while it's a something good, but mostly it is, well, for lack of a better word, stupid.

Today's “How To” was about how to construct a tire swing. Lots of good advise like:
-Find a tire
-Find a tree
-Buy some rope
-Tie some knots

I know that not everyone has my breadth of life experience, but.........find a tire?


At the end of the article is a list of warnings, including the advise to supervise children while they are using the tire swing to be certain that they're using it properly, and to be certain that no one stands on it. Too dangerous, apparantly. You can only sit.  While being supervised.

C'Mon. It's a tire swing.

The article also lists a related article titled “How To Enjoy A Tire Swing”. That article has a photo of an unsupervised child standing on the tire swing.

I stand by my long-standing stand:

Wiki-Anything might just as well be written by monkeys.


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