Opening Day

Major League Baseball needs Bud Selig like a fish needs a bicycle.  

Opening day used to be opening day.  Everybody started at once (except the Reds).  Every fan was optimistic and every team was tied for first.

Selig.  Let me count the ways:
-An All Star game ends in a tie.
-No more presidents of the National and American leagues.
-No more American and National league umpires (they’re all MLB umpires now).
-Playoffs into infinity and beyond with no end to the wild card concept in sight.
-And now--"Opening Week", or something like that.

Crap.  I didn’t even like it when they made East and West Divisions.  So you sort of know where I stand.

Doesn’t help that I root for the Cleveland Indians (a painful experience in oh, so many ways), and the San Francisco Giants (only slightly less painful).  

I think I’ll just go get a paper cut and then pour some nice lemon juice on it.


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