Amos and Lydia

Living in NorthEast Ohio is both good and bad, I suppose, like most areas, but one of the benefits of living here is our proximity to Amish and Mennonite farms, from whom we buy eggs, chicken, and a host of other goodies.

This morning’s breakfast consisted of two brown eggs from the Beiler farm in Ronks, PA--that would be in Eastern Lancaster County.  Amos and Lydia Beiler (and their son Arlen and his wife Dana) are the 8th and 9th generations of their family to farm that particular land.  The land was originally purchased from William Penn’s son, and the original deed was written on a deerskin.

These people have permanence.

So, breakfast consisted of two eggs from that farm.  Brown in color, like the chickens who laid them, with the sort of flavor I’ve come to expect from chickens that are allowed to walk around.  Cage-free, in the current parlance.

Also on the menu was some freshly ground Rwandan dark coffee (no Rwandans, I’m lead to believe, were harmed in the collection of these beans), and a few strips of thickly cut hog belly--Bacon if you prefer (I’m pretty certain that at least one hog paid a dear price for that part of breakfast, and I thank that hog).

Breakfast in NorthEast Ohio.


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