Taking a Break from Facebook.....Again


Had to take another break from Facebook. I have friends. In this modern world, where everybody I ever knew has moved to the four corners of the Earth, I try to keep in touch via the Internet. Unfortunately, as it turns out, that means Facebook.

My friends who happen to be on the political left. Ugh. My friends who happen to be on the political right. Ugh. My friends who happen to be solid Christians. Ugh. A constant stream of their idiosyncrasies. Constant. Unending. What became of pictures of the grand kids? The garden?

I’m not stupid, uneducated, or evil because I got the vaccine. Or because I didn’t. Or because I wear a face mask. Of because I don’t.

I’m a realist. If I want to go into a store that requires a face covering, I’ll wear one. I got the vaccine so that I could go places that require it. Fact is, I’m pretty certain that I’m not going to die in three years because I got a Covid shot, like at least one of my right-wing friends claims.

If I do turn into a Vampire on account of the shot, I’ll sleep in a coffin.

In any event, I am taking a break from all of this. Last time, it lasted for a few weeks. I’m not completely certain that I want to keep up with my friends enough to tolerate their blatherings. Not certain at all.


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