SIRIUS XM Radio and Negro League Baseball


I follow a major league baseball team, but I refuse to pay MLB for their black-out infected programming. Fortunately, I am a SIRIUS XM radio subscriber, and, as such, can listen to the home broadcast of my favorite team on their service (for the time being, I imagine, but it’s what I now have)--Baseball is really a radio game anyhow, and I’m happy with this solution. Well, “happy” might be overstating it, but it’s satisfactory. For now. SIRIUS XM radio has a new baseball channel that is strictly about negro league baseball—something I know about already, but don’t want a daily dose of—I just want to follow my team. Daily. For several months of the year. Like I’ve been doing since I was a little boy. Several times during the course of every game, there’s a commercial break that highlights the existence of the negro league channel.

I’m thinking that anyone who actually listens to baseball games on the radio isn’t a newcomer. Probably like me, and listen daily. That all begs the question: Who is that advertisement aimed at? My best guess is that there’s not enough interest in that programming to keep it afloat, and SIRIUS XM radio is doing their level best to keep it afloat.

And, no, I've never tuned in.  Doubt that I will.


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