Corporate Partners


We all have our share of corporate partners, now don’t we. I certainly know that I have my share. And, they’ve all lined up to send me a friendly little e-mail about how concerned they are for my mental well-being given the “challenges” of the recent past.

Not one of these moronic e-mails has made hay on the fact that the emotional wellness that has suffered so mightily over the past year or so was perpetrated by our democrat governors, democrat apologists, left-wing riots, the press and television media, Hollywood idiocy……….Oh, you get the point.

What got me going today was the one I got from my bank. My bank. Apparently they’re concerned about my emotional wellness.

What do you suppose they’re really concerned about?

I haven’t a clue.


  1. Hard to tell their concerns. But more and more, corporate marketing companies seem to be ruling the roost, yet from their perches in their ivory towers, they seem to have little that connects most of them to the rest of us. I'll continue to ignore and pass them by.


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