The Reason

Pretty sure that I've got this whole “Social Change” anarchist, BLM, Etc. crap-fest figured. Why it took me so long is anybody’s guess. Probably that I’ve lived a life, and the 60’s were a really long time ago.

There’s got to be a core of females who want to do something with their lives to make them feel complete, but they don’t know how to cook so they form ideas and methods of protest, but once again, they’re GIRLS for Christsake and can’t get their shit together enough to get things started.

They enlist the help of some boys. Boys will do anything to get in their pants. Anything. Belly-crawl through an acre of razor blades just to suck that last dick that was in them—You know what I mean.

This is the exact thing that happened when the Symbionese Liberation Army of the 60’s was formed. Same with the Weather Underground and that group of ass-holes in Chicago. It was nothing more than a way for ugly girls who had no chance with football players to get laid by spaz boys who had no chance with cheerleaders.

And then they rioted. Later, those who weren’t in jail bumped uglies.

There you have it.

As always…..You’re welcome.


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