Xfi Advantage!!!!!

As a follow-up to the Xfinity wifi hot-spot issue, I went back to the Comcast corporate web site and read, I think, pretty much every word there, and believe-you-me, that’s a bunch of words.

The upshot of that review of information is that I failed to find any mention AT ALL of Comcast deleting or disabling a wifi hot-spot due to overuse (at least I think that’s what happened here). When I say “over use” I’m sort of making that up, because there’s no mention or documentation that over-use has any sort of definition or advance warning. Or that it’s even a thing. The fact remains, however, that when I actually used this wifi hot-spot, it disappeared.

Why do I sort of have the feeling that I’m the subject of an episode of the X-Files?

It’s still interesting to me that Comcast touts this “benefit”, but when it’s actually used and accessed, it gets disabled. As above, I can only surmise that’s what happened, because no one at Comcast seems to know, or will admit, that this actually occurs. Naturally, they can’t deny that it is happening either.

Of course. Or, of course not. Whatever.

Went ahead and called their sales staff and signed up for “Xfi Advantage”--Boy Howdy!! Now I have the Advantage!!
Unlimited data, or so they say, at only a few bucks more than I’m currently paying. I’ll reserve judgment until I get a bill.

My daughter in Bakersifeld, California uses even more high-speed data than I do. Her cable company is Spectrum (formerly Charter Communications), and she has no data cap whatever. She pays something around 50 dollars a month, unlimited data, no contract, no modem rental fee, and Spectrum also includes a “nationwide hot-spot” network that is part of the internet package.


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