Medical Device Advertising

I watch my share of Fox News.  Other news, too, mostly because I want to see what the other side is ranting about (it usually has something to do with white guys over the age of majority,who are pretty much universally despised)--TV news has replaced print media in my world. No more newspapers in the house.....nor have I renewed my subscriptions to news magazines.

This means that I’m subjected to/hammered with commercials for prescription medicines and medical devices.

What fun.

Catheters.  Pre-lubed or pocket sized?  You make the call.  Medicare or medicaid will pay.  Just go see your doctor.  No problem.

Hoveround takes me where I want to go.  The cost will be covered by medicare, I guess.

But what really gets me are the commercials that tout the benefits of prescription medicines and encourages you to go to the doctor and insist on some.  It can’t be much longer until we see commercials for pot.  It’s medicine, you see.  Some people say that drinking urine has medicinal properties.  It’s medicine.

Ask your pharmacist for the gold standard in urine supplements!  Insist on Golden Shower by name. Accept no substitute.  From the makers of Golden Smoke marijuana.  Available nation-wide at The House Of Gold Natural Medicinal Supplements and Bongs.

Why is Lyrica (in particular) advertised as “The Lyrica” rather than just “Lyrica”?  Does adding the precursor “The” make it better?   Or more desirable?  Or is it just a speech affectation like up-talking?

I want an advertising campaign showing the benefits of handgun ownership.  On national TV.  Without up-talking?


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