I don't really watch many television programs the first time around--I need to wait until they have "matured" a little.  Stood the test of time, maybe.  There are exceptions, of course, but in general.....

I always liked Wings, a 90s ensemble sit-com about a tiny airport and a tiny airline in Nantucket.  Caught an episode now and again, and always laughed out loud.

But when I got a Netflix account, I found the entire series available--it had gone on longer than I realized--so I watched episode 1 of season 1, the pilot.  Now, with Netflix, you get these without commercial interruption, so a half hour program is only 22 minutes or so--an hour program runs anywhere from 42 to 50 minutes--so there's not much of a time investment.

So, I find myself in love with the characters of Wings.  Joe and Brian and Helen and Faye and Roy and Lowell and all the rest.  The occasional visit from a name-brand actor.  I've invited them all into my home and found them to be my friends, alongside Scully and Mulder, Jim Kirk, Ezekiel Stone, Jesse Stone, and many others.

Characters I genuinely like and care about.

Thanks Netflix.


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