Baseball Wild Cards

OK, Bud Selig decides in his infinite wisdom to add two more "Wild Card" teams to the baseball post-season.  And he decides to move the Houston Astros from the National League to the American league (effective next year).

As it now stands, fully one third of the baseball teams will qualify for post-season play, and that's ridiculous.  I didn't like the addition so-called "wild card" teams to begin with, and before that, I didn't like expanding the number of divisions from two to three, and before that I didn't care for having divisions at all.  Carried to it's logical conclusion, Selig (or someone) will erase the concept of the National League and the American League altogether (after all, they've already erased the existance of American League and National League umpires) and subsequently create a crap-load of four team divisions of Major League Baseball.  This will ensure that one quarter of the teams can claim to be "champions".  Of course, then there will have to be the further addition of some sort of runner-up division losers added into the mix.

The regular season has become only a foot-note to the REAL season--the playoff season.

I'll still pay attention to baseball.  It's part of my life, and always has been, but really................

Goddam Bud Selig.


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