Just Wait

Last year at this time, I was excited--giddy, in fact--at the prospect of the Giants going to the post season.  Had no idea, of course, that they might actually win the World Series, but giddy nonetheless.

This year, I just want it to end.  They’ve lost so many players (starting with Buster Posey to that assault perpetrated by Scott Cousins) either for the season or substantial parts of the season to injury that it’s amazing that they’re not in last place.  If they don’t start to win a couple of games, though, they might actually be overtaken by the God forsaken Dodgers—Who, in a side note, look to be in the process of being bought by Chinese interests.  Christ.

So, the Giants need to end this year’s charade and let some minor leaguers take over for these last three weeks of being the defending World Series Champs. 

The eternal cry of the fans of the San Francisco Giants--Wait 'Til Next Year!!


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