eu·re·ka [yoo-ree-kuh]

I try to keep up.  I really do. 

I’ve been watching some programs on the channel previously known as SciFi and enjoying the crap out of them—Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Haven.  All three were far and away too good for the train wreck that SyFy has become, or maybe always was.

So I Google around a little and find that Eureka has been cancelled—we have a season “in the can”, but then it’s over.  Warehouse 13 and Haven can’t be far behind, I fear.

The reason given by the brain trust at SyFy is that it’s just plain too expensive.  OK.  Fine.  They have to pay writers and actors and creative types.  Very costly.

I wish…..I wish…..I wish…..I wish that I had been present when the decision was made to cancel Eureka—Had to go something like this:

“Eureka’s a great piece of programming and it has a massive and dedicated audience, but, well, we can probably sell just as much advertising on another installment of Battlestar Galactica, something to do with ghosts, or Rasslin’—Nobody will even notice.”

I noticed.  I’ll bet some others did too.


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