Mrs. Young wanted to know why this blog is titled “Guilt”.  She says that your humble correspondent may very well be the least guilt-wracked person on the globe, and she might just be right.  That doesn't mean that there are no regrets.  I just don't sweat this stuff very much, and don't obsess over things.

Here's how it works for me.  I make decisions—some minor and some major.  Some are big decisions and some are small, but the process is the same.  I make a decision when it has to be made.  I use the information that is available, and make the best decision I can, then I live with it.  Period.  That's all there is to it.  If it turns out to be a bad move, I try to learn from it and not repeat bad behavior, but I don't over-analyze it, and I don't feel guilt.  After the decision is made, leave it in the rear-view mirror.

There's never enough quality information available to make perfect decisions, but the attempt is to make good decisions utilizing the available, imperfect, incomplete information that we're all faced with.  Nobody starts out thinking that shoplifting is a good idea, but it happens.  Imperfect and incomplete information, and all that.  Not everybody learns from mistakes, and that's why the police fingerprint crooks. 

So, do the best you can, live your life, and TRY to not feel guilty about the mistakes.

I remain your guilty, but not guilt-ridden, correspondent.


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